A Chain of Flames, by Tony Cleaver – Free on Amazon 10/22/2013 to 10/24/2013

How often do we actually get to share in one of the defining moments in the lives of others? For example- were you there when your friend proposed to his or her soul mate? …were you standing by? …holding the ring? …waiting to see what would happen? …Probably not. Life is full of exceptional moments that we never get to be a part of. Your friend is offered a great new job promotion … or the friend of a friend finally decides to take the risk and open a second franchise. Or, maybe even something as gentle as when, your favorite neighbor’s son or daughter goes out on his or her first date. We can’t be there, firsthand, for all of the great little moments in the lives of the people we’re connected to. But still, we love to hear about them- and wouldn’t we be there if we could? Well, I want you to be a part of one of my big, ‘little moments.’ For three days, my debut novel, A Chain of Flames, is going to be free to everyone—the entire world over. If you’re an author friend, then you know just how critical a ‘moment’ this can be. If you’re a Reader Friend (God love ya) then let me explain this: Amazon has a special program where they provide authors a platform to freely distribute their work (at zero cost) for only a handful of days. This ‘special deal’ allows for the possibility of emerging talent to be more easily discovered. It’s as simple as this: the more people who know that your book is free – and download it – the higher Amazon will rate you in their search algorithms. More exposure = more credibility. So I’m asking you to please share the information of this event with all your family, friends, neighbors, contacts, and acquaintances. Please Tweet it, Share it, or tell someone about it over coffee. I really need your help because it’s kind of a ‘one-shot deal.’ Will you participate? Thank you for taking part – for lending a hand and for sharing in one of ‘my defining moments.’ So go get my book and share this event with others! Here’s a ready-made Tweet (or make one of your own!): #FREE ~A CHAIN OF FLAMES~ by Tony Cleaver http://ow.ly/pYLSS 10/22-10/24 Adventure Redemption with touch of #Romance #Kindle #BOOK #RT Here’s a ready-made Facebook post (or make one of your own!): FREE! 3 Days only! A Chain of Flames by Tony Cleaver. From 10/22 to 10/24. You’re going to love this story of Adventure, Redemption, with a touch of Romance – by a new and emerging author. Don’t miss your chance to own it for free! 5 star Reviews. http://www.amazon.com/A-Chain-of-Flames-ebook/dp/B00EY0RDB6 713041_27278761