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About a week ago, it was my good fortune to be introduced to a website that is simply in love with books and authors – especially, Indie Books and Authors. During my interactions with I was afforded the opportunity for an interview. You can read more Author’s Interviews on their website and a host of other things like: Free Kindle Books and Bargain Books, Book Blogs and Reviews. There are lots of good things to see there. Just click on their icon badge below. Here’s my interview:

What inspires you to write?
What inspires me to write is generally my desire for connecting with people- not just in a passive measure, but by a more integral method. I like to relate to folks on a deeper level in concerning this mad dash that we all find ourselves in. I mean seriously- ‘life is nuts.’ …and it’s grand, and it’s sad, and it’s happy, and it’s … all those things. So I try to put some sort of commonality into all the wonderful absurdity; because we’re all in it together.

Tell us about your writing process.
It’s a rhythm as much as a process. I have to feel it naturally as well as know it categorically. I write from my gut and then refine as I go. Then I refine some more, and some more, but I try to leave a little of the initial ‘rawness’ intact within the story… to feed the soul, as well as the mind.

For Fiction Writers: Do you listen (or talk to) to your characters?
Not really. But I do sort of ‘channel’ my characters at times. Sometimes I will catch myself staring into space and then speaking as if I was the character that I am doing dialog for. In their voice, and everything! I know- crazy, right? Then I have to look around and make sure that no one has heard me. Or I’ll look outside my window and make sure that there’s not a van with rubberized walls pulling up in the driveway.

What advice would you give other writers?
Don’t write like anyone else. I don’t care what that hack of a college professor told you about writing. You should write like ‘You.’ Don’t try to be Stephen King or Mia Angelo or… anyone else. You be you. Then it’s real- then it’s pure.

How did you decide how to publish your books?
I prayed about it. …’nough said.

What do you think about the future of book publishing?
I think we’re entering a sort of golden age with eBooks and with on demand publishing, too. I know that they’ve both been around for a while but I think that self-publishing for the masses is ‘ripening’ or ‘coming of age,’ if you will. At first, there was (and maybe even continues to be) a sort ‘frenzy’ on the part of both writers and readers. Suddenly, it became possible for just anyone to publish a book and place it online, and for whatever price they decided. That has its good points, and its bad points. To some extent, it takes control away from the big money-grubbing publishing houses – or ‘gate-keepers’ – and allows for unique and new voices to enter the scene. However, just because someone is able to do a thing, does not necessarily mean that he or she should be doing it, regardless of how low the price is. But I think this is where the idea of an Indie Author renaissance comes into play. As the movement continues to mature, the market will naturally adjust itself. As the novelty continues to wear off, I think that readers will become more willing to pay a few dollars for quality and begin to ignore all the perpetually free or ridiculously cheap stuff that is out there. The ‘cream’ of Independent Publishers will rise to the top and we won’t have to succumb to being force-fed by traditional publishing. All and all, I think the future of book publishing looks very bright.

What genres do you write?
Christian Fiction, General Fiction

What formats are your books in?
Both eBook and Print

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