My New Book – A Chain of Flames, Launching Soon.

I had some success, soon after my first novel was finished in obtaining a high-profile (genre specific) Literary Agent. We met at a writer’s conference in Dallas, where she asked me to send her the customary ‘sample chapters’ and ‘synopsis.’ I was elated (though I tried at the time not to show it). I felt really blessed to have been so fortunate on my ‘first time out.’  But without going into much detail (perhaps in a later post), suffice it to say that after waiting anxiously for a month or two, I finally gave in and committed what all the books about writing and being published will tell you is the ‘fatal taboo.’ You guessed it– I telephoned to ask, “So hey, what’s the deal?”

Long-story-short: This agent’s personal assistant did me the good turn of confiding in me that her boss had never even opened my packet (even though she should have – could have – by then) … and I would almost swear that I could hear within the sound of that woman’s voice that she was actually glancing over at my long pondered, carefully built, and lovingly sent-forth – BUT STILL SEALED – manuscript proposal package – even as we were speaking.

That was several years ago, and as you may know by your own experiences, discouragement can be a cold sword, not only thrust in- but twisted; for a wound that can be really deep.

But honestly, I do not think that that Agent ever intended to gouge me so. In fact, I doubt that she was even aware that she had neglected, or mistreated, or wronged me in any way whatsoever.  Such – sadly – is the apathetic beast that has become the Book Publishing Industry in American. But how fortunate we are in that: ‘time – changes – things.’

An old venue has stepped up onto the horizon, where new light can shine upon it. It’s like watching on television as a revolution becomes a democracy, or like reading the article about how that weird kid who hung out in his mom’s garage … actually ‘built’ something- that ended up changing our world.

I’m talking about the fairly recent, and highly evolving, phenomenon of ‘Direct Publishing.’

So in throwing off the tyranny of those ‘one-percenter-like’ corporate elitists (who most of which are probably, themselves, merely slaves to the same system), I say that I think that I am going to skip the step of sending off sample chapters and a synopsis, to some subjugated ‘gatekeeper,’ who may or may not bother to actually give consideration to what I’ve spent my heart in crafting.

No- instead, I think that I’m going to launch solo this time. But I don’t expect that I’ll actually be flying alone- I think that in taking it straight to the people; what that means is, that I am going to have all of …’YOU’… right there along side of me . . . wingtip to wingtip.

So please watch for my novel, A Chain of Flames, to be appearing soon on Amazon. Follow this blog and I’ll give you a heads-up when things really get rolling. In the meantime, I’ll post some behind-the-scenes snippets, or maybe some novel excerpts, or whatever else you might be interested in seeing. Just let me know.

God bless and Thanks for stopping by . . . Clearing for takeoff! . . . All Systems Go.

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